A lot of useless things although some of them handy for me


JS playground
Frequency modulation mono synthesizer
Poly synthesizer with WebMIDI
Polyphonic «supersaw» synthesizer
Basic sequencer
Drum machine (in development)
Turn-based strategy in space
Brainfck interpreter
Calculate audio sample ratios/tempos
Calculate pitch shift
Calculate tempo/sample length
Several unfinished «lode runner»-like arcades
Script drawing barcharts on canvas
Seems like weird virtual machine
Older FM synth version
HTML playground
Spinal cord training
Cool looking template for main page
Invaders ys
Predcessor of kl.js
Old site loading data from json
Listview widget
Flexbox 2009 specification cheatsheet
Tab notebook JS+CSS implementation
CSS-only collapsables
Template/CSS framework inspired by chota
Textarea with tabs and identation with React
HTML Playground 1.1
Future JS playground mockup
Data-binding demo

Javascript libs

yaml-like format parser
Some parser, not sure what for
Loops audio saved as data:uri in variable
Preloads images for usage with canvas
Parser for imageboard-like post linking
Boilerplate library
My own promises and utility functions using it (timer, http request)


How to setup vtrunkd server
Weird parser specification