Ake's korner

Toytown javascript

Squaretooth synthesizer

Simple 2 oscillator frequency modulation synthesizer. Can store presets in local storage. Keyboard is mapped to middle/top row (AWSED...).


Simplistic substractive synthesizer slightly inspired by Casio VL-1 & his counterpart Elektronika IM-45. Keyboard is mapped to middle/top row (AWSED...). To set up synthesizer change mode, C/D (keys A/S) - select parameter, E/F (keys D/F) - adjust. Older version here


Discontinued classic arcade game inspired by Lode Runner. Also check out revival demo.

Pixelman Revival Pre-Alpha

Developing successor of Pixelman arcade. Rather an technical demo at the moment.

Brainfeck interpreter

Just another brainfck interpreter. About 20% cooler because using typed array.

Music calculators

Tempo calculator

Calculates tempo (beats per minute) by bar(s) length and counterwise

Pitch calculator

Calculates pitch tuning by source/desired tempo/frequencies ratio. Useful for sampling.

C++ sources

> Pascal's triangle
> Insertion sort
> Sieve of Eratosthenes
> Linked list implementation
> Circular linked list implementation for Josepus Problem
> Iterative and recursive array sum example
> Couple of maximum finding methods implementations
> Couple of Fibonacci numbers calculation implementations
> Simple Hanoi towers implementation
> Quick sort, Shell sort, radix sort implemetations
> Minimal binary tree implementation
> Binary search tree implementation
> Reverse polish notation converter and calculator

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